About the Sports Academy

In the academic session of 2022-23, the IQAC coordinator and faculty members of Physical Education department decided to open a sports academy named Saltora Netaji Centenary College Sports Academy (SNCCSA) for the sake of our students as well as for all the students of the surrounding area. The hon’ble president of the G.B. and the principal were the patron and extended their helping hands in this noble venture by providing necessary kits and tiffin. Apart from trying to provide affordable, quality and fruitful education, the sports academy is trying to put its mark on sports development of this predominantly tribal region. The governing body members of the sports academy has successfully registered the academy under the Societies Registration Act (1961) of the Government of West Bengal. The registration number is: S0037891 of 2023-24. We have initially started this best practice with football coaching. The esteemed and experienced faculty members of the Department of Physical Education as well as some external experts are acting as the coaches and mentors. In future, if fund permits, we have plans to provide coaching on other games including cricket, athletics etc. currently the office of SNCCSA is placed in the rooms of Department of Physical Education. For registration and more information, kindly contact:


Dr. Avijeet Mondal, President

Saltora Netaji Centenary College Sports Academy (SNCCSA)

Assistant Professor & Head, Dept. of Physical Education

Saltora Netaji Centenary College