Mission: Our mission is to achieve the ‘3Es of Education’ i.e. Enable, Empower, and Engage. Our top priority is to provide Value-based education and to teach the learners to be responsible citizens and eco-conscious.

The missions of the college are as follows-

  • To provide ample scope for the multifaceted inclusive development of the learners.
  • To provide quality higher education to its learners.
  • To provide and promote inclusive education for all the learners.
  • To develop academic programmes based on local/regional/national/global needs.
  • To pursue student-centric learning for self-development and skill development.
  • To nurture and instil social awareness and responsibilities among its learners.
  • To enlighten and empower the girl students of this economically backward, remote, tribal and hillock area.



“All-round inclusive development of the students from an economically backward, predominantly tribal area” is the unwavering vision of the college since its inception in the year 2000. The vision of the college evolves from a desire to imbibe the socio-economically backward tribal students of the locality with a sense of brotherhood, sacrifice, social and academic awareness and respect for the proud heritage of India and to convince them that success in formal education can be worthwhile only when personal achievement are combined with social commitments. Delivering quality and affordable value based education to the first generation learners from the agrarian and daily wage earning communities of the area are our priority. These first generation learners will be enabled to develop into dutiful and responsible citizen of our greatnation in foreseeable future.