Central Library

The Central Library of Saltora Netaji Centenary College is enriched with approximately 24,000 books of various domains of knowledge. The collection of research journals, magazines and news papers in the library may enchantthe readers. Library Management Software (LMS) has been installed to facilitate the book lending process in digital mode to cope up with the pace of time.

  The study room is well equipped with computers and internet for the students, research scholars, teachers and office staff to access N-LIST facilities and other e – resources. Printing and photocopy facilities are accessible in the library.The library is under CCTV surveillance.

Moreover, the Water Purifier machine in the library ensures fresh drinking water to the readers. Separate washroom for girls and boys are available in the same floor for the students’ convenience. Other than text books and reference books, the college library possesses many books on Music, Ayurveda, and books written by the faculty members of the various departments. Despite many challenges, college library has been trying to enhance and preserve the collection of rare books.